• Strive to deliver results of which they can be truly proud;
  • Relentlessly seek to improve ideas and plans;
  • See the potential in situations; often where others do not;
  • Respect intuition and experience, as well as hard data;
  • Demonstrate rigour and discipline in their thinking, planning and execution;
  • Always do what they say they will do.
  • Go out of their way to help each other be successful and share information freely;
  • Seek others' inputs and challenges; openly share their own views;
  • Work freely across the organization's hierarchy and structure;
  • Work to ensure that one plus one is three or more;
  • Give constructive, challenging, straightforward and timely feedback.
  • Are willing to experiment; take calculated risks and challenge the status quo;
  • Seek or create the best solutions; find creative ways around road blocks;
  • Thrive in a changing, often ambiguous environment;
  • Value agility and adaptability.
  • Take responsibility, make things happen, and seize the initiative;
  • Learn from their mistakes;
  • Take responsibility for their own development, and to help others grow;
  • Have genuine respect for the views, talents and expertise of colleagues; trust in their motivation, and believe in them to get the job done.
  • Learn from other business units, markets, competitors, customers and consumers;
  • Look to other industries and a wide range of data sources for ideas and inspiration;
  • Show active interest in other teams; are happy to take other's ideas and build on them.